Wild Women

Woodland wellbeing for women of all ages.

When women come together to rest and nourish themselves, magic happens! Whether you are feeling a little lost, exhausted from looking after everyone else or in need of some "me" time, join other wonderful women in the woods to breathe, try new things and find your balance.

The sessions will include a range of play and bush craft activities, for example:

  • Signs of the Seasons

  • Meditation

  • Fire lighting & campfire cooking

  • Whittling

The day will move at a pace that feels comfortable for everyone. There will be plenty of time for tea and lunch will be cooked over the campfire.

“Whittling has been mesmerising, it’s given me some mindful time to relax, which I needed. It’s been good to get to know more people in the community too.”

“I feel everyone needs this connection. The connection to this group, to nature and to ourselves. I feel so nourished.”

We can deliver sessions in collaboration with community organisations in their local woodlands and green spaces. Please get in touch to find out more.

Some days

I am more wolf

than woman

and I am still learning

how to stop apologising

for my wild.

— Wolf and Woman by Nikita Gill