Wild Youth

Igniting a passion for the outdoors in teenagers & young adults.

Wild Folk was first inspired by a group of young people I worked with on a youth participation project at Trooper’s Hill in St. George, East Bristol. They were bored. There was nothing for them to do in the area and if they hung out in the park with their friends they were labelled a nuisance. They had seen Forest Schools for younger children and wanted the same chance to learn bush craft skills whilst spending time outdoors to escape from the pressures of studying for exams. Together, we decided to set up a "Forest University".

When young people reach 13 years old there is a sharp decline in affordable activities available for them to participate in, particularly in marginalised communities. Those teenage years are some of the most important of our lives. This is when we develop our sense of identify and we begin to understand our place within this wild world. We test social and physical boundaries and we learn habits that will stay with us for life.

Wild Folk can deliver youth group sessions around Bristol and the surrounding areas. These sessions are ideal for all teenagers and young people, but are especially beneficial for teenagers and young adults who need support to improve their wellbeing and resilience through building new friendships and developing confidence.

The 2-hour sessions run weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks with 8-16 young people per cohort.

The sessions will include a range of play, environmental education and bush craft activities, for example:

  • Fire lighting

  • Campfire cooking

  • Whittling

  • Nature identification

  • Mindfulness

  • Team building games

Participants will practice a range of skills including fine and gross motor skills, concentration, leadership, empathy, problem-solving and determination..

We can deliver sessions in a range of woodlands and green spaces, subject to landowner’s permission.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Prices start at £10 per young person, funding may be available to subsidise places for young people from marginalised communities.