Grand Adventures

Grandparents, assemble! It’s time for an intergenerational woodland adventure.

Some of my favourite childhood memories are thanks to my Grandad, Chief Storyteller and all-round king of the most thrilling adventures. My sister and I followed trails of cow pats for days in search of the “famous” elephant that hides on Warden Hill, Luton. We listened intently to stories of scrumping and we played secret agent games to resolve the inner workings of the local squirrel mafia.

In a rapidly changing world the connection between grandchildren and grandparents has never been more important to help children feel a strong connection to their roots. This connection will help them feel grounded and resilient as they grow into well-rounded adults. Time outdoors playing, being a little bit wild and getting up to mischief together also helps grandparents maintain physical and mental health as they get older (watch Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds if you don’t believe me).

The half-day sessions run weekly during term-time for a minimum of 6 weeks with 8 grand-families per cohort. We run ad-hoc holiday sessions for grandchildren visiting from further afield too.

The sessions will include a range of play, environmental education and bush craft activities, for example:

  • Fire lighting

  • Campfire cooking

  • Whittling

  • Nature identification

  • Mindfulness

  • Team building games

  • Storytelling

Families will work together to practice a range of skills including fine and gross motor skills, imagination, concentration, leadership, empathy, problem-solving and determination.

Please get in touch to find out more.